Tuesday, June 10, 2008

13 Stupid Way to HELP your Blog Famous

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Here are some quick tips will help you more to have a well known blog:
  1. 1. Join Blogcatalog and Mybloglog with the same avatar.
  2. Try to take an avatar with the same blog theme to make people see it everywhere.
  3. Choosing a character like cartoon character, human, animal, etc… will be better.
  4. Use this character for Blogcatalog and Mybloglog.
  5. It will be on your banner for sure.
  6. Use your character as your Entrecard.
  7. Open an account at Gravatar.com and use your the same avatar you used before.
  8. Write comments in most large blogs uses Gravatar plugin. Large Blogs like Johnchow, Johncow and more…
  9. Join groups and be an active user in BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog.
  10. Advertise with entrecard with large blogs to get the card viewed and clicked alot.
  11. Join many contest and competition online.
  12. Do a lots review and use crazy word to invite more peole read your blog. More dirty your word, more people love you. Its true? Its myth. But many people apply it..
  13. Just randomly come to any blog..
Ps: If you have adsense, this one also can use to promote your blog to have many page impression and increasing your click too. Have a try before?

Boast Traffic with BlogReach Widget

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Today, i will tell you another good site and something really can help you to get traffic to your site. Its also like mybloglog and blogcatalog. Just its a new one and i like to tell you about that.

Using BlogReach™ you can get targeted visitors to your Blog for FREE. All you have to do is insert a small BlogReach program in your side menu or layout to promote the latest headlines from other people’s Blogs (in your interest category). Its easy right? They in turn do the same for you! You can reach thousands of visitors instantly. Start getting hits to your Blog today using our fully customizable widget; create your free account below. Even BlogReach still new to some people, but its become famous today!

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But if you have problem, don’t be sad. Just contact them at their contact page. They will reply to you in 24 hours!

So far, you can see BlogReach widget in my blog today. Its work well and i like it. If you some of you also like to get this widget. Just go and grab it here.

Ps: I already try it before. Its works well and i really get some traffic. I never said i will get big traffic. But its really working and help us to earn more traffic next time.