Sunday, June 15, 2008

Did you want to get Free T-shirt?

Place: My lovely Chair..
Song: Raihan-Gema Alam

I believe some of you already know about forum right? We can make money from forum, discuss about artist, song, software and many thing at our forum or any forum we join. Why not if i tell you can get some FREE T-shirt, FREE Cup and FREE Pen comes by MAil to your house?

You like it right? Did you know how to do that? E-Wealth Forum already do and make provide some offer for some people who active at their forum. Its good right to know about that.

So, if you intersted. You can come and register to that forum and do something about that. What you need to know are..

1. You need to know that 1 post equvalent to 1 point.
2. You need to have at least 50 point before you can claim your prize.
3. You need to register at E-Wealth forum first.
4. Never spamming
5. Never do something bad at that forum. Follow the rules.

Thats all and i believe soem of you can do that right? Then, you might be have a chance to get this:

So, want to join now? You can go here and proceed. Join E-Wealth Forum